What to Expect

Sunday Service 10:00 am


Stand. Sit. Kneel (if you want).

We do a bit of it all – don’t worry about getting it right.
We stand and kneel for prayer – neither is wrong. We also use two different books
during worship: the red Book of Common Prayer, and the blue Hymnal. We have a few
Bible readings, which you’ll find printed in the weekly bulletin.

While the whole service is interactive, we get up and move around at two parts:

The Peace:

- We all get out of our pews, shake hands, and say “Peace”, to share God’s peace with each other and symbolically reconcile any differences with our neighbors.


- All baptized Christians are welcome to receive communion in the Episcopal Church.
- There are many appropriate things to do during communion. There are almost no wrong things. Please do what you are comfortable with and know that your presence is a blessing to us.
- If you wish to receive, come to the altar rail and hold out your hands to receive the bread. You can sip the wine directly from the chalice, or dip the bread in the chalice.
- If you wish to receive the bread, and not the wine, when the chalice bearer comes with the wine, just cross your arms across your chest.
- If you don’t want to receive communion, you can come to the altar rail to receive a blessing from the priest. Just cross your arms across your chest.
- You can also feel free to remain in your pew.
-Children are always welcome to receive the Sacrament. 

Other offerings:


We have a nursery and Sunday School for newborns through middle school. All children have the option of joining their parents in the church service half way through the service and staying for Communion and the rest of the service. They can also stay and play if they (and you) prefer.

If your children want to stay in church the whole time, they are more than welcome to stay. We welcome their noise and laughter. Please don’t feel like you have to keep them perfectly quiet or still. Crayons and Bible-themed coloring sheets are available on the table in the entryway. Feel free to come and sit up front to get a better view of the altar with your children – there is a rug, with a few toys, too, to make it more comfortable.

Coffee hour:

Every Sunday we hang out after church to share some food and get to know each other better. Please join us in the Parish Hall – down past the Sunday School and kitchen