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St. Barnabas is located on the corner of Wolf and Bradley roads in Bay Village, Ohio at 468 Bradley Road. 

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There are multiple entrances you can use at St. Barnabas. 

Main Entrance  -  This is our primary entrance used on Sunday mornings, directly accessible from the parking lot. When you enter here, there is a coat rack, name tags, and ushers that will have the program for the service. Handicapped accessible.

Wolf Road Entrance - Rarely used and not handicapped accessible.

Parish Hall entrance - Also accessible from the parking lot, this is a good way to enter the church if you are hosting Munch and Mingle and want to take a lot of food into the kitchen. It’s always open on Sunday mornings if you prefer to come in that way.

Rear entrance - This door is accessible by the Bay Lodge parking lot off of Bradley. This is primarily used by the preschool, Little Learners, during the week. It is typically locked on Sunday mornings.