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Care Team

This group of loving Christians reaches out to parishioners who have lost loved ones, are ill or hospitalized, and those who are homebound. This is done through phone calls, cards, organizing meals when needed, and arranging Lay Eucharistic Visitors to bring the Sacrament to those who cannot join us in church. The team complements the efforts of the clergy and organizes a comprehensive response to support those going through times of great need.

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors take the Sacrament and visit those who are unable to be present with us in church. EVs are a subset of the Care Team and may chose to be a part of the Care Team or may simply choose to serve in this capacity. Likewise, members of the Care Team are not required to be Eucharistic Visitors. Training is required to obtain a diocesan license and is offered periodically.

Any parishioners who desire to support others going through difficult times are encouraged to join the Care Team or serve as Lay Eucharistic Visitors.